My Own Myth

Gash is an 8 foot tall human with the head of a dog and five arms, two main arms, two arms below those arms, and one arm on the back of his head. He guards Hades/ hell. During the hell wars where it was humans vs Hades, the humans decided to attack Hades. During the battle Gash was just destroying every soldier that came near him. Their bodies piled up, no one could beat him. But Snaga a soldier was able to hide behind some rock so he didn’t get killed. He decided his best shot at killing Gash was to hit Gash in the eye. Snaga crept up behind Gash, shot him with a bow and arrow and then dived behind some rocks. When Gash turned around he was shot in the eye. When Gash died he exploded. His blood burnt any one who touched it. His arms and legs flew everywhere exploding and killing lots of men. But Snaga was able to survive and went on to fight more battles until the humans won the war.

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