Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar was the first Roman emperor. How did he become emperor? Well it took a lot of people dying, him betraying people, and him getting revenge. So lets look at the first Roman emperor.

Augustus Caesar was born in Velletri Italy in 63 BC. His great uncle, Julius Caesar, adopted him and raised him like his son. Nothing really happened for him until Julius Caesar was killed. Then thing started to happen.

First he left Rome for a time so that he wouldn’t be killed by the senate. Then when he returned he made an alliance with Mark Anothey and Lepidus called the Second Triumvirate. When Mark Anothey split Rome’s territory in half, one for himself and one for Augustus. Augustus decided to fight him since he wanted to be the only ruler.

After beating Mark Anothey he became the sole ruler of Rome. But even though this sounds bad he was able to keep Rome at peace for a longer time than Rome had experienced in a while. He also helped improve Rome and he even got the Senate to help him. Plus to prevent from him getting killed by the army and to prevent Rome from experiencing another power struggle, he had the army reduced. He lived till 14 AD and was made a god by the Romans.

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