The life of the Christ

Jesus Christ has a very interesting and brutal story but that doesn’t mean it is a bad story this story is quite good and so here it is.

Jesus is supposed to have been born in December on the 25th but that is not confirmed but when ever he was born it is still quiet an exciting story.

Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem Judea his parent Mary and Joseph had to move to Bethlehem because the was a Roman Census so they could tell how many people there where in there empire and since Joseph was decinded from David (one of the kings of the Jews) They had to move as that was Where David’s family entire family should go to get counted. When Jesus was born angels told some shepherds that he had been born and that they should go see him. The shepherds where surprised by this as they where not important people just some shepherds but they went and rejoiced when they saw him. Later when Jesus was around 2 years old wise men came to see him and gave him gold, francinses, and myer. But this wise men had told Herod the Great (the person the Romans but as the king in the land) that they had wanted to worship him but when they told Herod that Jesus was a king Herod decided to kill Jesus since he didn’t want to have someone take over his throne. So Herod killed all the male kids 2 and under but Jesus and his family escaped before they could kill Jesus. After Herod died God told Joseph to go back to Israel. And so they went back Israel and they went to the city called Nazareth where Mary and Joseph had lived before the Census. When Jesus was around 30 years old when he started his teaching to breing people to believe that he was the messiah and he would die for there sins. Jesus did many miracles before he died these included: Healing blind people, Bringing demons out of people, and healing the lame. Jesus was popular with the people but not with the Jewish priest and scribes they thought that he was a threat to there power so they plotted to have him killed.

Now Jesus also had 12 followers that where called disciples and this are the names of all of them: Simon Peter better known as Peter, John, James, Judas, Judas Iscariot, Simon, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Thaddaeus, Matthew, Thomas, and James. Most of these people would be leaders of the early church.

Now when Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Passover there where a lot of people who where laying palm leaves down as he came in though the gates of Jerusalem, many of these people would be screaming crucife him later when Jesus was killed. While in Jerusalem Judas Iscariot decided to betray Jesus to the Jewish priest they agreed and paid in 30 talents of silver for him helping them. Later Jesus is having the Last Supper with his disciples while there he says that he will die and that one of them would betray him. When Judas Iscariot ask if it his him who will betray Jesus Jesus says it is him Judas leaves very quickly after that.

Then Jesus and his disciples go to the garden of Gestheminy. While they are there Roman soldiers take Jesus to the leader of Jerusalem, Panjust Pilete. Pilete is going to judge Jesus because the priest are mad at him. Pilete decided that to keep the people happy he needs to listen to them so he says that Jesus will be crucifed. Being Crucided is one of the worst ways to die the person slowly dies from saficating while having nails in there hands and feet.

When Jesus died on the cross there was a earthquake and the curtain that seperited the holy of holies from the rest of the temple was ripped. The dead came out of there tombs and even the Roman soldiers said that Jesus was the son of God. Jesus’s body was lade in a tomb and on the third day when some people went to cover his body in spices they found the tomb empty and an angel told them that Jesus had risen. Now something amazing the disciples couldn’t have stolen the body because there where Roman soldiers guarding it. After Jesus was resaraceted he stayed on the Earth for 40 days and after those days where up he returned to heaven telling his disciples that he would some day return.

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