Roman Homes

Home during Roman time were very different then what they are now but the still where, at least for the rich Roman nice.

The Roman had two types of main home, the first one being the villa and the second one being the domus. These two houses where very different then the other lets see what the villa looks like first.

The villa was where rich Roman would have lived. It had running water and was very nice and spacious. They had a lot of room which the family and slaves would live, cook, and eat in. They had a court yard in the center of the house which was called a atrium.

They’re also was another type of villa and it was the country villa. It was just as it sounds out in the country and was where the family would spend most of its time. It would be even more luxurious then the town villa and would be surrounded by fields where slaves would plant crops.

The poor people though had to live in apartment that were small, dark, and dirty. These building were always about to fall and would end up killing people if it did. And if you thought that the middle class would have been better off you would be mostly wrong since they still didn’t have running water or kitchens but still would have been a little bigger. These apartments also could not have fires built in them as if you did and it got to big and then started a fire it could take out a entire block of houses.

So as you can see Roman home were not the best places to live in unless you were a senator or general or simply had the wealth to have a nice house.

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