Three Church Fathers


Polycarp was a Church father and wrote some of the oldest surviving Christian works today. He was around 86 years old when the Romans killed him. He could have gone free but he didn’t because he wouldn’t recant his faith. Polycarp is known for a famous line that he said when he died he said “86 years have I have served him,and he has done me no wrong. How can I blaspheme my King and my Savior?”


Ignatius was converted at a young age and most likely studied under the apostle John. Ignatius later became the Bishop of Antioch and was one of the first to say that Christians should worship on the Lord’s Day or Sunday. Ignatius was later killed by the Romans in the Coliseum. He was killed by wild animals.


We don’t know much about him but he most likely studied under the apostle Peter. He served as the Bishop of Rome and he was killed by Emperor Trajan. He is also known for writing to the Corinthian Church and he supported the hierarchical form of Church.

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