The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Romans built up the greatest empire of the ancient world, and possibly ever. But then it was destroyed by some barbarians who didn’t have the same military strength as the Romans. So what happened? Well the empire was having a huge power struggle. Every time a new emperor came to the throne a rival showed up as well. However that wasn’t the only problem. Rome was having a economic crisis at the time and it was from a odd reason. Let me explain, if Rome didn’t get new colonies then it lost its imports that was a huge problem since food could become scarce along with other items the Romans would want to have. As well as these reasons the culture of Rome was very debauched. For example the games where you watched people die. The people were also getting lazy since the emperors would give out free food. Then people didn’t have to work. So as you can see this was the perfect time for the barbarians to attack.

The last Roman emperor was Romulus Augustulus 460 AD-476 AD (though he may have still been alive in 507 AD). He began his reign in 476 AD, but he only ruled for 11 1/2 months. We don’t know much about him and he ruled for such a short time that we don’t have a marble bust have him in fact the only picture of him that we have is from a coin. It is not known what happened to him after he was dethroned except that he was allowed to leave alive.

So while the Romans would become the ancient worlds biggest empire it fell, after too much strain on its borders, problems with the culture, and a ton of weak emperors.

13 thoughts on “The Fall of the Roman Empire

  1. Good stuff dude, really like this one. This topic on the Roman Empire is one many nations can learn from.

    Only one mistake, and I ain’t sure if it’s a mistake on the second last paragraph it says “that we don’t have a marble bust have him”. I’m not sure what marble bust meant.
    Clear writing overall dude.

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