The Battle of Marathon

The battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC at The Bay of Marathon. The Persians fleet had entered the bay planning to use it as a place to attack Athens. But the Athenian army blocked the exits from the field of Marathon where the Persians had set up camp. The battle of Marathon began with 5 days of nothing but stalemate, and after those 5 days the Persians began to load back on to their ships. The Athenians thought that this would be a great time to strike so the attacked quickly. The Persians lost around 6400 men compered to the Athenians losing only 192 soldiers.

After the battle the Athenians marched home so that the Persians didn’t land on any other shores. This battle made the Persians return to Persia to come up with a new plan to invade Greece.

The battle is also known for two reasons the first being about the legend of the runner of Marathon. The story is about how a Greek runner ran the 26 miles to Athens to tell the people about the victory. Once he got to Athens he said “We’ve won” and then died. Two because it marked the decline of the Persian empire and the rise of the Greek empire.

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