Attack of the Dead Men

In the September of 1914 the Russian fortress of Osowiec was attacked by 40 infantry battalions of the German 8 army. This was the beginning of what would later come to one of the oddest stories of the 1st World War.

Later on the 3 of February the Germans launched another attack on the fortress. The Russians first line of shallow trenches held for 5 days but was finally broken. The Russians then fell back to the second line of defense with deeper trenches and machine gun emplacements. After the fall of the first line the Germans had been able to fire on the fort using artillery. The Russian Central Command thought the fortress would fall. So they ordered the fortress to hold out for 2 more days while civilians were evacuated but the fortress still held out till August.

Now here come the strange part of the story. In July the Germans attacked in force against the defenders. One of the units they brought in were 30 batteries of artillery with poison gas. On the 6 of August the Germans launched this gas into the air. After the attack the Germans sent the 11th Landwehr Division of 7000 men to capture the fortress. They didn’t expect too much resistance but when they made it to the second line of defense they were met by 60-100 Russians of the 13th Company of the Russian 226th Infantry Regiment. The German panicked since the Russians were bloody and coughing up blood and even some of there lungs due to the poison gas. The Germans retreated and as they did the five remaining Russian artillery guns opened fire on them. That is why this battle was known as the Attack of the Dead men.

16 thoughts on “Attack of the Dead Men

  1. Intriguing battle, lol dude cool narration video. You put extra effort into this one, good stuff. Haven’t seen others do that before.
    One mistake on “Now here come the strange part of the story.”, put an “s” after “come”. Cool work overall dude.

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