The Maya

The Maya’s were a native Central American tribe that was very prominent in Central America but then vanished with no record of what happened to them. Today I will give a short summary on this tribe.

The Mayans fought wars for quite a few reason such as getting captives, control of trade routes, and to get tribute. For weapons they used the atlatl or spear thrower this did just what it sounds like it would. It would help a thrower throw a spear farther then someone with out one. Common people would use the blowgun and the bow and arrow was also used though it wasn’t used as much do to warriors favoring other weapons.

Trade was also important. Cities that where large usually had trade routes in them. Traders would bring goods along these routes including salt, slaves, and cacao. These routes were also used by people trying to get to another city.

The Mayans controlled lots of land there territory went all the way up to Southeastern Mexico and then down to the to Northern part of central America.

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