Till we Have Faces: Is the Castle Orual saw in the Mist Real

Till we Have Faces is the last book written by C.S. Lewis before his death and one of the questions he raises in the beginning of the book is whether or not the castle Orual sees in the mist is real. This will probably be revealed later in the book but for now it has not been revealed to the reader but for various reasons its safe to say the castle is probably real at least in this section of the story. Also before we begin there are spoilers ahead and to understand what this is about you will, unfortunately, have to have read the book. Which is unfortunate but if you haven’t read the book you definitely need to go and read it even if it’s just for fun as it’s really that good.

My first point is that if the gods are real then wouldn’t they have this power? If God or gods are real would they have not the power to make something that isn’t physical and then only certain people could see it? If they couldn’t then they would not be gods because they are not sovereign and all powerful, but at this point in the book there is little doubt that the gods exist. Whether or not they are for or against humans is something else entirely but they do exist.

It is also established in the book that the spiritual world exists and that it is where gods and souls live. If this is the case then the idea for them to live in houses probably isn’t too far off as people would be accustomed to living in something and the gods wouldn’t mind either. The house would simply be something in the spiritual world and Psyche can and does walk out of the house and into the physical world.

The final reason that the castle exists is simply the testimony of Psyche. Now this does seem easily explained away by simply saying “she is mad” but Psyche does not appear to be mad, indeed, she seems to be quite sane and maybe more than Orual. Psyche does not rave on and on about her wealth or does not respond in anger even when she is grabbed by Orual. Psyche is also well fed and not dehydrated and that is clearly seen by Orual who can’t see the things that Psyche can. 

Considering the evidence its safe to say the castle is almost certainly real though if someone comes up with some counter arguments that would be great. Also if you’re still hear and haven’t read the book give it a try it isn’t too difficult to read and has a purpose that will probably surprise you if you found out.

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