EHD Subject 1313

A Question Asked and Answered

Parker’s had just gotten off the ground. He was very surprised by being on the ground but he wasn’t sure why he was. He couldn’t remember how he got there or if he had even been anywhere before then. However, he felt like he had because he could do things like talk, read, and walk. He heard a weird noise that was getting closer to him. Looking around he noticed a small metal thing flying toward him that he recognized as a drone. “Odd I don’t remember seeing one before yet I know what it is.” Parker thought. The drone got nearer and finally got close enough where Parker could see a screen. The screen activated and a small thin man who looked like a scientist began to speak. “This will be your last human contact for a while.” He said. “You have been chosen to be experimented on by the Experiments in Human Durability Organization. You may think of us as EHD. You will have the ability to have most things you want but on the condition that you cannot have any civil contact with humans.” At this the screen shut off and the drone flew away. Parker was very surprised by this and began to pace the ground. He decided that he might as well try to get whatever he wanted. He asked for food and a helicopter quickly came above and dropped him some. Parker was surprised by this and began to eat. He wondered how far this EHD as the scientist said, would go with what he wanted.

An Organization’s Island

It was burning hot on the island and so Parker had asked for a house. He had gotten one and was now refreshed and ready to go explore the island. He didn’t ask for a map and decided to simply explore without any idea what was ahead. He first walked toward what he assumed was a forest. After walking for a while he climbed into a tree to see how far the trees went. Luckily there was a good climbing tree and he was soon up it. After looking around he noticed a part where the trees ended before beginning again. He decided to find out what the reason for this was and climbed down. He was soon there and found a trench that cut through the island and that had water. It was not a river though as the water didn’t seem to move as of right now and was too small. Parker noticed some very large hills farther on past the canal and decided he would go that way tomorrow. However, as it was getting dark he would not go farther than that for the time being. After getting back home and surveying where his house was; he realized that he was in a good spot and if he had a high enough vantage point, look over a large portion of the island. The only exception being the large hills on the far side. Parker also wanting to test his ability to wish something decided to ask for a tower and nicer house. “Give me a nicer house with a large tower.” He commanded. After ten minutes he had a house with a medieval looking tower more show then actual defence. Confident that everything would be alright while he slept Parker went to bed. No doubt wondering what would happen to him on this island.


After waking up the next day Parker asked for a four wheeler to help him get across the terrain. His wish was granted and he was soon driving toward the canal. Once there he asked for a bridge and one was hurriedly sent to him. After driving on for a little while longer Parker finally reached his destination, the large hills on the other side of the canal. Once to the large hills, Parker decided they were more like small mountains. Finding a cave nearby Parker headed toward it. The cave was quite large, large enough in fact that his four wheeler could have fit easily within. “I need light.” Parker thought. All of a sudden a light came on and he could see most of the cave. Parker was surprised for a second and looked around for what could have caused that until realizing that the EHD must be able to read his mind. “Creepy but fascinating.” He thought. After traveling through the cave for farther on he noticed light that seemed to be coming from the outside. Parker was soon at the end of the cave and had found another part of the island. He found this side of the island to be more desolate than the other one with few trees and those that were there to be mostly blackened and burned. Parker wondered what had happened here but he suspected a past inhabitant of the island had ordered this place burned and destroyed. Looking around he noticed several more cave entrances. Knowing those caves couldn’t go to the other side as he had not seen any other caves. Parker decided to ask for a map of the caves and he was quickly given one. Looking it over he noticed one very small passage  went to the peek of the small mountain. The only part that was too steep and the main reason he had decided to call it a small mountain instead of a hill. He decided to go up this but it was too small for his four wheeler so he left it outside. After asking for light, Parker began moving up and after around an hour of walking was finally at the top. From his perch on the mountain he could look down like a king does on his subjects and he felt just as powerful as would a king. Parker eventually decided to go down but not wanting to walk back down he decided to ask for a jump pack. A jump pack for those that don’t know is a piece of equipment that can help break falls, allows the user to jump while midair, use a grappling hook, and run on walls. Not just anyone could get these and they were still being researched but they could be acquired on occasion. Parker didn’t know this and assumed they were merely fiction but asked to see if he could really get one; he knew that if he got one he would be glad but if he didn’t he would at least know the extent to which the EHD could go for granting wishes. One was hurriedly found and sent to him. Parker did notice it would take the EHD longer for certain things but he did not yet know the extent of their power. He was soon back on his four wheeler and headed back, crossing the bridge and arriving at his house.

The End

After many years of being on the island Parker was getting very bored and didn’t know what to do. He had occasionally talked to himself to make sure he didn’t go insane but he was still bored. After a while he asked to be let off the island but he wasn’t allowed by the EHD. Parker would try every few years with only robots or recorded messages of robots answering him. “I want off this island.” Yelled Parker. A robot was soon dispatched and told him that he wasn’t allowed to leave. It seemed almost happy when it delivered the message. “You are part of the EHD and are at the lowest class. Therefore you cannot order anyone around and can be made to do anything.” With that the robot left and Parker was left alone. “I wonder how and why they chose me to be the one to do this?” Parker wondered. Parker decided to escape at this point though he knew the EHD would know this as well. “I might as well try, he thought, even if they know how I would do it.” He got a boat and readied it with guns, rockets, grenades, and other weapons that he thought would help. He also readied himself with his jump kit and some bulletproof armor that he somehow knew how to use. The EHD while not surprised that he was trying to escape, as this sort of thing had happened before. Was surprised that he seemed to have knowledge on how to use these weapons. “His background does make sense why he should have this ability but I thought we had wiped his brain of nearly everything except a few key needs.” Said one surprised researcher. “Will we do what he asks or deny his request?” Asked another. “We will do as he asks. He cannot win now matter what he does.” Replied the smartest and most ruthless lead of the project. Of which there were three as you see. And so it was decided, Parker was given everything he asked for in terms of weapons and he was soon headed toward the wall that surrounded the island. Before he was even close to the wall, Parker’s boat had been heavily damaged and was nearly sinking. One of the guards muttered “Doesn’t he know what he’s up against? This man’s more insane than some dogs.” Parker knew what he was up against contrary to what the guard thought but was willing to try and escape. He was able to get close though and energetically climbed on to the wall. At this point every single EHD security guard opened fire. The EHD guards at this facility had been strengthened prior to Parker’s attack and were ready for him. The fight was very terrific though no one could really hurt each other as while the EHD outnumbered him, Parker still had very good armor. Large holes were blown into the wall and a few rookie EHD guards fell in and under all their armor drowned. One of the three main researchers at the island remarked as he watched the battle. “He is doing better than we expected even though we knew every thought in his head.” Parker eventually grew tired, his jump kit was out of power, and his armor was nearly gone. He was at last shot in the chest, stumbled back and fell into the water where he died. “Casualties four”. Read the beginning of the three head researchers report. “Two security guards drowned in the water. Another was killed by the Subject. Subject was killed after 3 hours of fighting security personnel. A memory wipe error led to the Subject remembering his military training. We did not think this would be as significant as we thought. Recommend no subjects with military background until memory wiping is perfected.” That was only part of the report sent in by the EHD researchers and the rest I have already told you, paraphrased of course. The rest is blacked out for a minor researcher like myself but I hope to find what that part of the story tells sometime in the future.

Battlefield 5 Review

I like this loading screen but does this guy have two right hands or is it just me?

First impressions are important for a game, if your game looks bad it might not do well. On the other hand it might do very well if your game looks good and keeps what people liked about the reveal. Battlefield 5 is a game racked with controversy mostly from the reveal, which was so awful in presentation and because it made World War 2 look ridiculous. Unlike its cousin Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield 5 didn’t make as big as a comeback but did slightly redeem itself.


Part of Mercury one of my favorite maps.

Typically I would review the campaign first but nearly no one if anyone plays Battlefield for the campaign. The gameplay is pretty good especially sniping. The use of manual health is very well done with the ability to heal completely if using bandages but healing slightly overtime. This creates the need to not always be running and gunning but still doesn’t grind the game to a halt because you ran out of bandages. When Battlefield 5 first launched there were eight maps a low number at the time. (Two years later COD BO Cold War would release with 8 maps which were smaller than Battlefield 5’s.) Thanks to updates there are now 21 maps including the Pacific theater and the Western Front. Battlefield 5’s maps are pretty good whether storming the beaches of Iwo Jima or driving a tank through the fields of France Battlefield 5’s maps are fun to play on. A plus and con to the maps are that they look really good. Mercury, Pacific Storm, and Devastation look fantastic and most of the other maps do to. The only time this can be a problem is that it is a World War 2 game and should show some horror but only Devastation comes close to doing this. Again only a minor problem but a problem nonetheless. There are historical inaccuracies as well for example: there are no Swastikas in this game. None, the Swastika is replaced by the Iron Cross. This makes the Germans seem like just another country invading another country with you just fighting for Germany. The problem is that Germany was easily the bad guy along with Japan in World War 2. Removing the Swastika because it might offend people makes people forget what the Nazis did, like the Holocaust. The other historical inaccuracy is the customization. I am fine with some historically inaccurate skins in multiplayer but there are exceptions. For example Battlefield 5 has women on the US, UK, Japan, and Germany all of which didn’t have women fight as front line soldiers. This would be fine if it was a modern war, future war, or had just added the Eastern Front with the USSR. They also have Africans fighting for Germany which Germany would never allow unlike the US and UK. Overall Battlefield 5 has a pretty good multiplayer but its want of diversity where there was none and the removal of Swastikas to not offend anyone does make it loose some points.


Peter Muller one of the main characters from the campaign.

Not only does this campaign get rid of historical facts in the name of diversity it’s just bad overall to the point where I didn’t even have fun playing it. Battlefield 5’s campaign is made of a selection of short stories called War Stories that are all fiction and unlike Battlefield 1’s War Stories, Battlefield 5’s aren’t really based on anything. The Norwegian campaign is about destroying a heavy water plant that was actually destroyed by a British Commando team not a women and her daughter. The British campaign takes place in Northern Africa and you’re told to destroy German planes. The Tirailleur campaign follows Triailleur Deme Cisse a African who joined the French army to help drive the Nazis out of France. After the Norman landings he, his older brother, and his brother’s troops take control of a Nazi headquarters. Tirailleur is actually decent and actually pretty cool fighting as these “forgotten soldiers”. The Last Tiger follows Peter Muller a German tank commander. The Last Tiger is the other good War Story and is actually fun to play. The AI in this game are super bad with them being little more than bullet sponges. The only exception are the tanks in The Last Tiger which are actually fun to fight even if they are also somewhat stupid. The AI in Battlefield 5 compared to Titanfall 2’s AI don’t stand up. While Titanfall 2’s AI are simple they are still fun to fight. Battlefield 5 easily has one of the worst campaigns ever with bad story and enemies that aren’t fun to fight.

Battlefield 5 is a fun game, multiplayer wise for campaign this game sucks. If you have Xbox Live Gold/ PS Plus than I recommend this game but if you don’t then skip it as it isn’t worth it.