Soccer Season has Ended

Soccer has ended where I live and was my finally year unless my city adds a middle school league. Before I get into this years season I need to tell you about my last two seasons. My first year in this league we only had three teams. My team was the second best with the best team being so good that they didn’t lose a single game and as far as I know didn’t get scored on in every single game. The next year there were four teams and my team was the worst with another team right before us. And then this year has been the best year probably of playing soccer and my sister moved up to my league as well. We were the best team this year and only lost two games one we lost against the second best team. Thankfully we had already beat them three times. We then lost after most some of are best players were demorlized after we lost. We then went on to beat the team that we lost against the second time. So this year was a very good year with us beating three games out of four games for two teams and us beating one team 4 out of 4 times.

One finally thing. Do you play soccer if so then what has been your best year?

The Raccoon Hunt in Where the Red Fern Grows

In Where the Red Fern Grows, there is a raccoon hunt in which Billy must face many challenges such as finding a spot to hunt, outsmarting an old raccoon, and helping his grandfather. Have you ever faced a hard challenge. How did you solve it? As you will see Billy uses many ways to overcome this challenges.

When the hunt starts Billy, his dad, and his grandfather have to find a spot to hunt. While all the other hunters decide to go to the same place as the others. Billy decided to go farther into the woods then them so that they don’t get any raccoons that he could have gotten instead.

During there first day of hunting Billy’s dogs are chasing a raccoon when it disappears close by a rail fence and hackberry tree. His dogs get confused but one of his dogs then picks up the scent. The other dog then jumped over the rail fence and headed for a sycamore tree. After killing the raccoon the judge that is with them says he may have figured out how the raccoon had gotten over the rail fence. When the got there the judge explained how the raccoon had done it. The coon would climb up the hackberry tree and get on one of its limb and then jump to a limb of the sycamore.

While chasing a raccoon Billy’s grandfather trips over a log while no one else notices. After they kill the coons they notice that Grandfather was gone and begin to look for him. When the find him they look at his leg and Billy’s dad says that it is either badly sprained or it is broken. Him and the judge begin to make a fire and to slap Billy’s grandfather in the face to wake him up. When it is morning they pick Billy’s grandfather up and begin to head back to camp where a doctor is. While they are moving toward the camp some men find them and help them get Grandfather to camp. Once they are there the doctor says he needs to come with him so that he can treat it and that Grandfather should be fine.

Billy would go on to win the hunt and would later move to the city after his dogs died and His grandfather’s leg would eventually heal but he would always been thankful to his dogs for helping them move to the city.

The Fall of Napoleon

After Napoleon began his conquest of Europe for the second time in 1814 the other nations of Europe began to get ready to invade France but they didn’t get the chance Napoleon found out what they were planning and invaded Belgium. However Napoleon’s generals got confused at got lost didn’t under stand orders and went the wrong way and in the famous battle of Waterloo Napoleon was finally defeated. The Prussians joined the British in the afternoon and after a few hours Napoleon was forced to surrender. Napoleon was then sent to the island of Saint Helena. He never escaped unlike when he was sent to Elba and he died there at the age of 51 in the year of 1821.

Iwo Jima

The second flag is raised on Mount Suribachi.

When American forces finally planted the flag on the top of Mount Suribachi there was a lot of rejoicing. Why because the American had just planted their flag on one of the hardest Japanese islands that had ever been conquered.

American forces had planned to take Iwo Jima because of its important military value. From there American bombers could bomb Japanese cities and military supplies. To do this they used landing craft just like the one used on D-Day to get on to shore. The marines would have to come on to shore under heavy fire.

As the marines hit the beach nothing happened. Some marines thought that the Japanese had left Iwo Jima but in reality the Japanese where just waiting for more Americans to land so that when they did open fire the marines would have a tougher time. Indeed when the Japanese did open fire there were lots of casualties. One of the objectives of the mission was to take Mount Suribachi. After taking the base of Suribachi a patrol was sent up the the up the patrol was given a flag and were told that if they got to the top to put it up. The patrol was able to plant the flag but the second flag raising was the one where the famous picture comes from. Lt. Gen. Holland Smith ordered a new bigger flag to be raised this time a platoon went up. When they got to the top the began to plant the flag and Joe Rosenthal took a picture that would become famous. The last to Japanese to surrender on Iwo Jima was on Jan 6 1949 after surviving for four years by stealing from the American forces. The battle of Iwo Jima would become one of the most famous battles of American history and is one of the most interesting battles to learn about and I think you should try to find out more about this battle.


Beagles are my favorite type of dog since they usually enjoy being around people. They are patient and don’t have many inherited health problems. They are also small and weigh between 22-24 lb for males and 20-22 for females. They can grow up to a height of 14-16 for males and 13-15 for females.

The Beagle is a dog that hunts hare this is also known as beagling. While Beagles could not finish a hunt as fast as Harriers they would almost always catch the hare. People also don’t hunt with Beagles because of the kill, they hunt with them because of the chase. Beagles will also hunt in packs at times and will usually hunt very close (sometimes close enough to cover all of them with a sheet).

Beagle happily bringing his prey back
The Caynsham Foot Beagles 1885

Beagles are also lazy. Enjoying to lie around and sleep in the sun or on a pillow or couch. And sorry I do not have a picture of my dog Lighting being lazy even though he does enjoy being lazy. Because the one time I could get a picture my little sisters got for just long enough for him to bring his head up before I could take the picture. If possible I may update the post with a picture of him being lazy if I can get it.

A Beagle sleeping

So now I will tell you about my dog. Lighting was born on February 26 2017 at are preachers house. He had four brothers and one sister. When we heard about the dogs I didn’t think much about them I was the only kid in are family who had lived with dogs but I was very little so a don’t remember them and while I did like dogs I never thought I would have one again. But my sister wanted to go see them so we went and looked at them. My sister wanted one and my parents said they would think about it. Next week we took a dog named Lighting home ( they called him that because he had a patch of white fur on his back that looked like a lighting bolt). He was barking most of the ride home but when we got home he began to explore. He very soon adjusted to living with us. He did have to get used to other kids coming over to play and some of them were scared of him since he would bark and jump on them. But he stopped it after we punished him for doing it. Lightning also had other dogs to play with if he couldn’t play with us (these dogs names are one’s we or other kids in the neighbor hood gave them except one). Some of these dogs names are Boa, Tucker, and Oreo.

One of the funnest things that ever happened with Lightning was when my dad went outside to go to our shed. When he got inside Lightning began to bark at something. My dad soon found out that it was a snake and as soon as Lightning knew that Daddy knew it was there he ran away. Once my dad killed it though he came back and began to bark at it again.

That is Lightning’s story so far nothing has happened with him that is notable. But he has been a very good dog even if he sometimes gets into trouble.

Lightning as a puppy
Lightning inspecting a hole
Lightning playing with my cousin’s dog, Leo
Lightning wanting inside with my little brother

The Maya

The Maya’s were a native Central American tribe that was very prominent in Central America but then vanished with no record of what happened to them. Today I will give a short summary on this tribe.

The Mayans fought wars for quite a few reason such as getting captives, control of trade routes, and to get tribute. For weapons they used the atlatl or spear thrower this did just what it sounds like it would. It would help a thrower throw a spear farther then someone with out one. Common people would use the blowgun and the bow and arrow was also used though it wasn’t used as much do to warriors favoring other weapons.

Trade was also important. Cities that where large usually had trade routes in them. Traders would bring goods along these routes including salt, slaves, and cacao. These routes were also used by people trying to get to another city.

The Mayans controlled lots of land there territory went all the way up to Southeastern Mexico and then down to the to Northern part of central America.

The Early Years of Napoleon

Napoleon was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica. This island was near Italy but was owned by the French. He later joined the military and quickly rose from being a captain to becoming major and then a general. Once the Directory ( A five man form of government) was in power he became the second in command of the entire French army. At the time he was only 26 years old. However not everybody liked him and so the Directory sent him to Egypt so he would be as much of a threat. That didn’t work long since his troops were struggling to survive in the heat and desert winds he abandoned his men so he could go back to France. Then in 1799 He started a coup against the Directory. This ended up with him in power and with him becoming the first Consul. But of even that wasn’t enough so he crowned himself Emperor. No one complained in France about it they liked Napoleon. His military victories help a lot with that for example in 1805 at the battle of Austerlitz he fired so much cannon fire into the Austrian and Russian troops that out of 87,000 soldiers 15,000 died and another 12,000 were wounded. Napoleon also wrote the Civil Code which gave religious freedom, ended serfdom, and gave equal writes to all people except himself.