Halo Infinite Gameplay

Gameplay demo.
Gameplay Trailer.

When I first saw the gameplay I was watching it on a live stream and I thought Halo Infinite looked terrible. However after watching it again on a recording and think it looks much better. That doesn’t mean I think it looks like the best Halo in terms of graphics though. Halo 2 Anniversary looked better then the demo but you do have to keep in mind that this is a demo. So hopefully it looks better than it does now.

OK lets talk weapons. First looks like were getting the Halo 2 Anniversary Battle Rifle which is easily my favorite of the Battle Rifles. The Assault Rifle looks just like the Halo Reach AR. Along with that also got to see the pistol and it looks almost exactly like Halo 2’s magnum thankfully it doesn’t seem to act much like it. Of course Halo Infinite has new weapons as well here are all of them. The first new weapon is the Commando. The Commando is a rifle that can fire in both semi auto and fully automatic. It looks a lot like a Call of Duty gun but hopefully it will turn out to be a fun weapon to use. After that we have the Bulldog a shotgun. It doesn’t look anything like any other shotgun in all of Halo though but it could still be good. Next up is the Mangler which is shotgun pistol used by the Banished and looks almost exactly like a Mauler from Halo 3. After that there is the Ravanger a Brute burst weapon. Finally there is the Pulse Carbine another burst weapon though it it more like a precision weapon than the Ravanger.

Apex Legends: R-301Carbine

R-301 Carbine | Titanfall Wiki | Fandom
R-301 Carbine with it factory issue skin in Apex Legends.

The R-301 Carbine is a full automatic assault rifle in Apex Legends that uses light rounds.

The R-301 is manufactured by Lastimosa Armory and was commissioned for use by the IMC. As some of you may know the R-301 is the successor to the R-101 and R-201 from Titanfall 2. The IMC wanted the gun improved due to problems with the gun that caused misfires and for the gun to sometimes not feed bullets properly. The R-301 is now used by the Syndicate in the blood sport called the Apex Games.

The R-301 is a very reliable early weapon at medium range and close range. However at long range the weapon tends to be almost impossible to hit enemy targets thanks to high vertical recoil. This can be help by adding a barrel stabilizer or by changing the weapon to its single shot firing mode. Trying to find a light extended magazine is also advised though this won’t be needed as badly if you intend to use the weapon at longer ranges.

Apex Legends: Octane

Apex Legends Octane 4K Wallpaper #117

“They say death catches up to everyone. (chuckles) He can certainly try.”

Octane is a offensive legend who is locked in the base game of Apex Legends. You can unlock him for 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. Octanes passive ability is Swift Mend, this allows him to heal while not being damaged and is incredibly useful when out of syringes or Med Kits. His tactical ability is called Stim and it allows him to move quicker but at the cost of health. Stim can never kill Octane so even if you’re at one health you can still use it without killing yourself but be careful as it leaves you very vulnerable to enemy fire. Finally his ultimate ability is named Launch Pad. This ability make Octane throw a Launch Pad that sends him and anyone else including enemies into the air. You can also double jump once while flying through the air after hitting a Launch Pad.

Halo 3 Come to PC

Halo 3 has finally come to MCC on PC. Along with that Forge and Theater have been added to PC along with some chances for Halo 3’s Forge on Xbox One and PC.

First a new skull was added to Halo 3 (for those that don’t know skulls in Halo change gameplay by changing enemy health and other changes). The new skull is named Acrophobia and this new skull allows you to fly. I sadly haven’t been able to use this skull as it is locked behind a challenge and I haven’t been playing MCC much. Next is armor customization for Halo 3. Armor customization in Halo 3 on MCC was pretty bad before this update. All you could do was select sets of armor instead of using different armor pieces from different sets like you could in the original. However 343 Industries has now added the ability to customize your Spartan or Elite without using sets which is a very good feature. Along with that you can now see you Spartan or Elite and not have to look at them on banners. Next is a change I don’t think anyone excepted, skins for Halo Combat Evolved. Yes that is correct skins have come to Halo CE. These skins can only go on weapons and vehicles which I think is actually a good thing due to the fact that a Spartan with a camo skin could blend in. If you do want to customize your Spartan in Combat Evolved more than just the color of him you can now change the color of the visor. As surely someone doesn’t want to see all the new skins and simply wants to see the game as close to the original as possible 343 has added the ability to remove skins. This allows you to not have to see skins of other people.

Apex Legends: Revenant

“What the hell are you?” “Death.”

Revenant was at one time human. However he was later made into a simulacrum by Hammond Robotics. A simulacrum is a robot with all of the memories and abilities of the human it is based off of. Unless programmed not to remember certain ones. Revenant eventually found out they had turned him into a simulacrum and vowed revenge against Hammond for doing it to him. He has now joined the Apex Games to try and find out more about Hammond so he can take his revenge.

Revenant’s abilities are: Silence. Revenant throws a device that explodes. The device does little damage but it does stop all abilities of enemy legends. Stalker. This is Revenants passive ability. Stalker allows Revenant to climb high walls and allows him to move faster when crouched. Death Totem. This is Revenant’s ultimate ability. It allows him to turn into a shadow. While in shadow mode he will not have any shields. Once he is killed while in shadow mode, Revenant will respawn at his Death Totem with his health and shields though he will be at half health.

This was the launch trailer for season 4 of Apex Legends showing some of Revenant’s story.

Halo 2 Maps: Lockout

“Some believe this remote facility was once used to study the Flood. But few clues remain amidst the snow and ice.”

Lockout is a asymmetrical Halo 2 map, and it is recommended for 2-8 players. It is one of the most loved maps of Halo 2 and has been remade multiple. These maps are: Blackout in Halo 3, Shutout in Halo 4 Forge, and Lockdown in Halo 2 Anniversary. It is considered to be one of the best maps for MLG because of its design being straightforward and not being complicated. Originally going to be in Halo Combat Evolved and was going to be called The Cage. The map didn’t make it in to Halo CE however. After Halo 2 though Bungie did make The Cage in Halo Reach.

Lockout has five territories. They are: Gravity Lift/ Top of Gravity Lift Tower, Center/ Underneath Center, Sniper Tower, Battle Rifle Tower/ BR Tower, and the Elbow. First is the Gravity Lift Tower. The Gravity Lift Tower is on the edge of the map. On its bottom floor there is a shotgun and SMG. On top you can get two Magnums and a Battle Rifle. To the right of the Gravity Lift Tower there is the Sniper Tower. A Sniper Rifle spawns in the Sniper Tower hence the tower’s name. To the left of the Gravity Lift Tower is the Battle Rifle Tower. The BR Tower has a Battle Rifle spawn in it which is also how the tower got its name. The Center/Center Underneath is of course in the center. Finally there is the Elbow. The Elbow is a walkway from the Gravity Lift Tower that leads to the Sniper Tower.

Lockout - Halopedia, the Halo wiki
The Gravity Lift Tower. The Battle Rifle Tower is on the left and the Sniper Tower is on the right.
Check Out Halo 2 Anniversary's Remastered Map: Lockout - GameSpot
The Center/Center Underneath in Halo 2 Anniversary. This is the remastered version of Lockout named Lockdown.

Halo Reach Maps: Forge World

Forge World | Halo Alpha | Fandom
A part of Forge World.

“A blank canvas recommended for Forge editing only”

That was a very boring description but it is very much true. Forge World is the ultimate Forge map with large and small areas. There have been many maps made on Forge World and some have been so good they have been put into rotation in the Master Chief Collection.

There are nine main areas in Forge World. These have all been used for some of the best custom games I have ever played. People have made some very impressive and fun things on this map with Forge. For example: Hot Pursuit, Frogger, Micheal Myers, Castle Wars, and others. Forge World is in my opinion the greatest Forge maps of all time and a among the Halo’s in MCC not a single map Forge map comes close to rivaling it.