Minecraft review

Minecraft has just hit its 10 year anniversary and so in honor of that (shout out to kayleasessays for also suggesting for me to do this) I will review it today. For starters there are three types of modes creative, survival, and adventure. Of course I need to tell you about these modes so lets begin.

First we have creative. Creative was not in the original game when Minecraft launched it was added later as a update, but lets not worry about that what is it about well it’s just for you to do any thing you want for example exploring and building. You also can’t die in this mode and of course you don’t have to look for materials instead you have every single block in the game. All you have to do is go to your build menu and select the block you want. Now on the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 you have these thing called achievements (called trophies on PlayStation 4) and with these you can compete with your friends to see who has the most achievement/trophies for that month. How does this have any thing to do with Minecraft? Well in creative mode you can not earn these since you could just make something and get a achievement even though you didn’t do anything.

The next mode is survival. Survival was the main mode when the game original launched before creative became the main mode. So in this mode you have to survive, you have to craft all your weapons, blocks, and other thing. Unless you find chest out in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t much more to say about this mode of course though in this mode you can get achievement/trophies.

Adventure is the last mode and is not really used in normal game worlds, it is however used when you get map packs from the Minecraft store. This game mode is just what it sounds like, it’s a adventure instead of building buildings you go around exploring and you can’t put blocks down or destroy them.

Overall Minecraft is a good game and I would recommend it to anyone if you want a game made just for you to explore and build.


Cloud Types

Did you know that there are multiple types of clouds? Well yes there are and there are four main type and this four clouds is what I will tell you about today.

The first type of cloud is called the Cirro form and in Latin it means curl of hair. These clouds are wispy and are high up in the atmosphere.

The next cloud type is called the Cumulo form. They look like cotton balls and are heaped together, which is also how they got their name (Cumulo means heaped together in Latin)

The third type is called the Strato form and in Latin it means “layer”. This type of cloud look like a blanket and you would normally see these clouds when it is a rainy day or is about to rain.

The final type of cloud is called the Nimbo form. These cloud are what you would see when it is storming, for example thunder storms or tornadoes.

This is all for the main types of cloud but it is possible for these clouds to mix and form other types.

Star Wars Republic Commando Review

Star Wars Republic Commando was released over a year ago for the Xbox one on games with gold. While the original game was released in 2005 it is still a staple for Star Wars fan. And while the game has 2005 graphics they aren’t that bad unless you play multiplayer.

I will not tell you any of the plot since you should find this out your self. However I will tell you what the multiplayer.

First when you get into multiplayer you will have these option: Xbox live, system link, split screen, and customize. I’ll start with Xbox live. The Xbox live has been stopped for this game. This is some what sad as one of the maps and maybe more have been lost. The map that is lost is hanger. It is two hangers on a Republic ship. One of the really cool areas is where you can go outside the hanger and into space. You have to stay on the ship when you do this but it is still a cool part of the map. Combat is very good very fluid and while I do have to change the A button to jump instead of Y. The controls are good. Now the only bad thing about the multiplayer: There are no bots this isn’t to bad but it still is sometime a problem as sometime three player split screen will not work and since it will say the disc is dirty (I got the digital version).

That is all for my review of Star Wars Republic Commando, if you want me to do more of these please tell me in any way.

The Story of The Treasure Seekers Book Review

These past two weeks I have been reading, The Story of The Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit and was published in 1899. I will not tell you the story but I will tell you if I like it and if I would recommend it to anyone.

The story is about children and happens in London England. The story it self is quite good and I was surprised that this was E. Nesbit’s first children book since you would think that the first book would not be that amazing. But E. Nesbit did a very good job telling this story and really the way most children would have acted in that time period.

Overall I liked the book and didn’t really find anything bad with it of course they’re were some times when it got really odd when they played but that was about it. I would recommend this book to anyone if they like to read about kids helping people or simply doing odd but sometime funny things.

Roman Homes

Home during Roman time were very different then what they are now but the still where, at least for the rich Roman nice.

The Roman had two types of main home, the first one being the villa and the second one being the domus. These two houses where very different then the other lets see what the villa looks like first.

The villa was where rich Roman would have lived. It had running water and was very nice and spacious. They had a lot of room which the family and slaves would live, cook, and eat in. They had a court yard in the center of the house which was called a atrium.

They’re also was another type of villa and it was the country villa. It was just as it sounds out in the country and was where the family would spend most of its time. It would be even more luxurious then the town villa and would be surrounded by fields where slaves would plant crops.

The poor people though had to live in apartment that were small, dark, and dirty. These building were always about to fall and would end up killing people if it did. And if you thought that the middle class would have been better off you would be mostly wrong since they still didn’t have running water or kitchens but still would have been a little bigger. These apartments also could not have fires built in them as if you did and it got to big and then started a fire it could take out a entire block of houses.

So as you can see Roman home were not the best places to live in unless you were a senator or general or simply had the wealth to have a nice house.

Nashville TN’s Weather

Since Parker you are moving to Nashville I thought I might as well tell you about the weather here.

In January the average temp is 37 F but in July the average temp is 79 F. That make it feel very good for swimming in the summer and it’s not to cold. The only problem is that when it does gets really cold it usually stays wright above freezing so it doesn’t snow. But when it does snow we still don’t get much. The largest amount of snow Nashville has ever got in was 17 inches but it happened in 1892.

We get the most rain in November- December and the driest time of year is in August- October. Sometime in Spring and Fall we get severe thunderstorms. Those also sometime bring tornadoes, large hail, or wind that can damage a lot of home.

Nashville has urban heat island making it hotter in the city then in rural areas. The highest temp recorded was 109 F. While were at it I’ll tell you the lowest recorded temp was. It was -17 F.

So there you go that’s what the weather is like here and in my opinion really nice since you can swim and all. The only problem is it doesn’t get a lot of snow.

Note: I was supposed to write these like I was telling someone about the weather there.

A bad Situation That Happened to my Family

Since I have 1 brother and 3 sisters you would think that we would have a lot a crazy thing that would happen well that’s true. Now before I tell you about what happened you have to know that my younger brother has a allergy called Fpies. This causes him to have many things that he can’t eat until he is older. So one time he ate something he shouldn’t have and my Mom got scared that he would have to go too the hospital. (since sometime he can’t breath when this happens) Luckily he didn’t have any problems either because he didn’t eat enough of it or he can eat it we just didn’t know.

I didn’t help much in this as they’re isn’t much I could do. I did however keep the time (he usually as the reaction after two hours) so that my Mom and Dad would know when he could possibly have the reaction.