The Early Church

After Jesus went to heaven the 12 apostles took over as the head of the church. The apostles were told by Jesus to go tell the people the gospel. Simon Peter became the apostles leader since he was one of the most enthusiastic about spreading the gospel. During Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down on the apostles and everyone who was there was able to hear the apostles speak in their language even if they were from Rome, Greece, or any other place. But there were other amazing apostles besides Peter.

  1. James. James had a temper like his brother John. They were called the sons of thunder sometimes James is also the only apostle whose death is recorded in the Bible. He is known for his passion of wanting to spread the gospel.
  2. John. John was the brother of James, and just like his brother he had a temper. John lived longer then the rest of the apostles and saw the vision of what the world would be like after Jesus came back to earth as explained in Revelation. He was also passionate about spreading the gospel.
  3. Philip. Philip led the Ethiopian court official to Christ and then baptized him. When the court official got back to Ethiopia he told more people about the gospel, and soon there was a church there.

Most of the Apostles were killed because the Jewish and the Roman officials didn’t like them spreading the gospel since it was against their religions. Christianity was always the best when the people were being punished for their faith. Many Christians died from being burned alive, killed by wild animals, or some cruel way of punishment. Even though Christianity was called evil by the Romans it later became the main religion of the Roman Empire, and it spread throughout the known world. That is not to say it isn’t currently growing as Christianity is still growing to this day.

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